Top 4 Plastic Injection Molding Quality Standards You Should Know

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High-efficiency plastic molding allows you to manufacture customized parts for a wide array of applications. However, just going through the basic motions is not enough to ensure the durability and longevity of produced pieces. That is why specific plastic injection molding quality standards should be applied through the process so that every piece meets a client’s needs and use cases.

With modern technology and experienced experts working with the machinery, you can get a strong, precise, and cost-effective solution for your part needs. Here are some more insights into the various standards that should be followed for the best outcomes, including how plastic mold manufacturers make sure each mold is precise.

plastic mold manufacturers

Factors that May Affect Quality

No plastic injection molding quality standard is going to be 100% effective. That is because there are so many moving parts in the process. However, a quality manufacturer will include standards that reduce the error rate to an almost minuscule amount. This translates into no problems on the client end and a high-quality piece. Factors included in this calculation include:

  • Proportions and Dispersion of Materials and Additive Contents

The point of quality material fillers and fillers is to reinforce the final product with stronger, more durable solutions. This can be a challenge because you must find the correct measurements to create a balance. You need a producer that uses plastic injection molding quality standards for material and additives that can be measured to ensure the right amounts.

  • Plastic Melting Temperature

Temperature plays a critical role in precision plastic injection molding. It can affect the resin viscosity, molecular weight, and any part shrinkage. This critical plastic injection molding quality standard must be observed and accounted for during every production.

  • Pressure

Pressure is used to push the melting plastic resin into the predetermined mold cavity (without about 95% capacity). This is balanced against any clamping pressure. The goal of this plastic injection molding quality standard is to reduce production costs by maximizing the number of parts made per hour without sacrificing quality of any kind. Again, an experienced manufacturing team will understand how to walk this thin line the best.

  • Cooling Time

Cooling is the most time-consuming part of the injection molding cycle because it requires a part to be fully cooled before refining and moving on to the next production phase. The piece must have moved from liquefied resin to a solid form inside the mold cavity. Then it can be properly ejected and worked into the precise measurement requirements of the client.

plastic injection molding quality standards

Standards of High-Precision Plastic Injection Molding

When a piece has been made, it must meet the different plastic injection molding quality standards not only for the manufacturer but those set for the client. These are created so that everyone in the production process understands the target end goal with precise measurements that could include:

  • Correct Size

Most mold tools are designed to be slightly oversized in case of material shrinkage. Deciding on the correct material and tolerance standards will help ensure the correct final output size. That includes working with angles, leftover material, and other refining elements to finish the piece production. Many clients require highly precise parts to the thousandth degree of accuracy.

  • Accurate Color

Not only does color represent safety or aesthetic value to differentiate a product from competitors, but it can change the material value of the part. That is why selecting the best possible color is an integral plastic injection molding quality standard – especially on the part of the client. Remember, a color can be to make a product attractive to downstream users just as much as serving a practical purpose (orange for safety, red for warning, etc.).

  • Suitable Luster

Many clients require a surface finish or luster to their part design. This can affect the flow, texture, and mold material as it moves through manufacturing. Suppose this is a consideration of the client. In that case, an experienced team should offer advice on how these lusters will affect the final product design so compensations and corrections can be made to lower any risk of defect or quality control issues.

  • No Molding Defects

Probably the most important plastic injection molding quality standard from the client is the idea of no molding defects. They require a part without weld lines, sink marks, short shots, burn marks, flashing, or anything else that could ruin the aesthetics or functionality of the piece. As these defects can impact precision, it makes sense that this is critical to quality outcomes.

Trust the Team at Abery

For years, Abery has focused on meeting plastic injection molding quality standards set internally and by the vast array of national and international clients who return time and time again to this professional team. With a well-trained and motivated set of technicians, Abery is capable of meeting any quality needs, so the final product created meets the aesthetic and functional value proposed by the client. To get started on your business, reach out to us today and begin the process of getting the parts you need for moving forward.

How Does Abery Keep Growing in Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturing?

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Plastic injection mold manufacturing is currently experiencing a renaissance of new product development due to new technology supporting more reliable outcomes. The versatile nature of mold capabilities is completely tailor-made thanks to the innovation of industry leaders picking up the reigns and developing phenomenal solutions.

As technology and consumer demand force products across all industries to become smaller and more bespoke in design, the need for more custom-made injection molding services is becoming more apparent. Due to automation and 3D modeling, plastic injection mold manufacturing is now rapidly increasing, creating excellent opportunities for this industry to grow and thrive in the modern world.

The Four Major Trends in the Plastic Injection Molding Industry

Like every other sector, new developments lead to higher innovation and adoption. This is apparent with plastic injection mold manufacturers that are embracing benefits and trends resulting in higher revenues and customer satisfaction. These include:


  1. Growing Market Concentration – those plastic injection mold manufacturers that are not adapting to market trends or customer demands are being outbid by veteran and flexible companies willing to go the extra mile for clients.
  2. Development of Advanced Tech & Devices – For plastic injection mold manufacturing to meet the growing market concentration, more emphasis is being placed on highly specialized technology that operates using robotics or modern AI automation to reduce operating costs.
  3. Increasing Production Efficiency – data-driven insights into optimization, scrap reduction, and preventative maintenance are increasing the overall efficiency from producing these high-quality outcomes in plastic injection mold manufacturing.
  4. Reaction to Diversified Needs using Powerful Customizations – the more advanced the tools being utilized for production, the greater the capacity for smaller runs of customized molds. That means a more significant share of the target market can be serviced from a single company.

How Abery Grabbed the Chance to Catch These Market Trends

With the writing on the preverbal wall that the only way to thrive in the current marketplace is to adapt with advanced tools and services, a leading provider of plastic injection mold manufacturing, Abery, seized their chance to grow. Some of the methods used to secure this target market include:


  • Development of Multiple Services – Abery began offering one-stop solutions to all clients, including custom product design, injection mold making, prototyping, and plastic parts creation. These services earned a greater number of clients that wanted more tailor-made solutions to their product designs.
  • Built a Talented Team – Abery employs some of the best-skilled engineers, designers, molders, and industry experts to maintain and operate their fleet of plastic injection mold manufacturing equipment. This brain trust offers incredible service capabilities to any client seeking a mold solution.
  • Introduction of Advanced Machines – To meet the growing customer demand for customization, Abery invested in state-of-the-art equipment capable of a wide array of plastic mold injections from Bluetooth speakers to anything else a client requires.
  • Shortened Delivery Time – Abery also focused on increasing customers’ satisfaction with smooth and in-time injection molding service. This was accomplished by providing fast delivery of all requested materials, resulting in higher customer appreciation.


Client Reviews of Abery’s Products and Services

It is a French-based multinational company providing energy and automation to homes, buildings, data centers, and more. These services combine energy technology with real-time automation. Abery was able to help Schneider with 28 injection molds that are all made with the MOLD MASTER hot runner system. CUMSA special angle lifters were used for certain undercuts, and time constraints were met with a quick approval by Schneider, resulting in a highly satisfied customer and a short lead time.

It provides some of the world’s best-selling automobiles. At that time, their factory in India required new plastic injection mold manufacturing solutions for a ventilation system.  Abery met this demand by offering careful and accurate assembly of each component with a high tolerance of +/-0.02MM. This also included using raw materials made from Nylon GF that operate well in the high-temperature environment so close to the vehicle engine. The result was contributing to the overall function of a high-powered vehicle beloved by consumers everywhere.


Where to Get Started

Working with the expert plastic injection mold manufacturing team at Abery has never been easier. To get technical solutions, you can simply fill out the form on our company website or call our support team during regular operational hours. Our highly professional technical team is always ready to listen closely to the needs and designs of each client, resulting in excellent customer service and delivery times.


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Mexico plastic exhibition 2019

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Merry Christmas, Happy new year 2019!

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