4 Reasons Why Plastic Parts Manufacturing Boosts Automotive Industry

plastic parts of automotive

The automotive industry is larger than it has ever been. This growing industry is expected to expand by 2.6% and bring in a staggering $100.9bn in 2022 in the US alone. When including the rest of the world, it is easy to see why automotive manufacturing is a giant resource consumer. One of the most used materials in vehicles is plastic. The interior and exterior of every car or truck produced in today’s market include some plastic parts made using injection molding. Injection-molded components can account for more than half of a car’s build.

Plastic molding companies play a crucial role in the automotive industry supply chain by providing injection molded parts. Plastic parts manufacturing is valued at more than 28.7bn and is expected to top that amount in 2022. There are several reasons why plastic parts manufacturing boosts the revenue of the automotive industry.

plastic parts of automotive

The Automotive Industry Has Work to Do

Manufacturers in the automotive industry have been mass-producing vehicles since 1908. The industry has grown and evolved for over a century and has enjoyed many technological advancements. However, there are still problem areas that need to be addressed for plastic parts manufacturing to provide a greater service to this industry.

  • Efficiency

The automotive industry varies in production efficiency, which can be a significant problem impacting cost and the supply chain. Higher efficiency will result in more vehicles leaving the assembly line. The supporting plastic molding companies can produce parts more smoothly. Efficiency in the automotive industry is measured by the number of cars manufactured in a day and the hours required to complete a vehicle in a given hour. Of the seven big automakers in the USA, one of Jeep’s assembly plants can build a vehicle in 13.57 person-hours. On the contrary, Hyundai is producing cars at 35.1 employee hours. This range of efficiency hinders the plastic molding company’s ability to deliver consistently.

  • Quality

Quality is another area of concern for many car manufacturers. Poor quality hurts sales, and low sales impact plastic parts manufacturing, resulting in the supply chain being hurt. Jeep may lead the way in efficiency, but they also lead this category. They averaged 167 issues per 100 cars manufactured, significantly higher than industries average of 118.

  • Cost

The price of cars is rising, partly due to efficiency and quality. When it takes longer to build a vehicle, costs skyrocket. Longer lead times equate to more employee hours, which can add up quickly. Poor quality impacts customer confidence and brand loyalty and hurts sales. Both can affect the cost of producing vehicles, which impacts plastic parts manufacturing.

  • Precision

The precision of design is of the utmost importance to plastic molding companies. A plastic parts manufacturer must have accurate measurements for parts to match up with the vehicle during installation. If dimensions are precise, parts are manufactured correctly, resulting in material waste and rework. This fact adds to the increasing cost that is being felt across the industry.

The car industry is investing in engineering and process improvement and showing progress in these areas.

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Benefits of Injection Molding for Plastic Parts Manufacturing

There are benefits to leveraging plastic parts manufactured by injection molding. These benefits can solve many of the issues facing the automotive industry.

Mass Production of Parts

Plastic molding companies can help ease inefficiency concerns by mass-producing injection-molded parts and having those parts on hand, so productivity is maintained. A strong partnership between plastic parts manufacturers and automotive companies is required.

High Uniformity

When a vehicle is engineered and mass-produced, it is essential that each car that rolls off the production line be identical in build. Functionality, durability, and performance must work as expected. Uniformity is vital when producing an exact product. High uniformity is an advantage of injection molding. The very nature of injection molding refers to creating a mold that, when used, all plastic parts manufactured using molding will be identical. Injection molding ensures a consistent and highly uniform product every time.

Cost Effective

Custom injection molding is highly cost-effective. Creating an injection mold for the plastic part needed is set in motion and repeated until the required components are produced. All that is needed moving forward are raw materials for the manufacturing process. Plastic parts manufacturing using injection molding has low overhead and low material waste. Low overhead benefits the cost concerns facing the automotive industry.

High Precision

The precision of the injection molding process is one of the best benefits. High precision allows plastic parts manufacturers to confidently produce with confidence that the parts being manufactured meet the provided specifications. Once a mold is machined for the car part, the dimensions are set, and precision is locked in.


Injection Molding is the Best Choice for Car Parts

The automotive industry can manufacture plastic parts, but that choice comes at a cost. Given the benefits of plastic part manufacturing, the best choice for mass production of car parts is injection molding. By choosing this process, the stress of making high-quality parts is left to the plastic molding company.

Abery is a cost-effective choice for custom injection molded automotive parts. We are one of the industry’s most reliable plastic molding companies, with more than a decade of experience and a vast customer portfolio. We have the experience and expertise to rise to any industry challenge.

plastic parts manufacturing


Plastic parts manufacturing boosts the automotive industry’s efficiency, quality, precision, and revenue. As more automotive manufacturers lean on the abilities of plastic molding companies, car owners will also benefit by owning higher-quality and more reliable products. The possibilities are endless when partnering with a dedicated plastic molding company like Abery. Abery produces some of the highest quality plastic parts and serves customers worldwide. If you are searching for a plastic molding company, Abery can be your last phone call.


How Does Abery Keep Growing in Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturing?

injection mold maker

Plastic injection mold manufacturing is currently experiencing a renaissance of new product development due to new technology supporting more reliable outcomes. The versatile nature of mold capabilities is completely tailor-made thanks to the innovation of industry leaders picking up the reigns and developing phenomenal solutions.

As technology and consumer demand force products across all industries to become smaller and more bespoke in design, the need for more custom-made injection molding services is becoming more apparent. Due to automation and 3D modeling, plastic injection mold manufacturing is now rapidly increasing, creating excellent opportunities for this industry to grow and thrive in the modern world.

The Four Major Trends in the Plastic Injection Molding Industry

Like every other sector, new developments lead to higher innovation and adoption. This is apparent with plastic injection mold manufacturers that are embracing benefits and trends resulting in higher revenues and customer satisfaction. These include:


  1. Growing Market Concentration – those plastic injection mold manufacturers that are not adapting to market trends or customer demands are being outbid by veteran and flexible companies willing to go the extra mile for clients.
  2. Development of Advanced Tech & Devices – For plastic injection mold manufacturing to meet the growing market concentration, more emphasis is being placed on highly specialized technology that operates using robotics or modern AI automation to reduce operating costs.
  3. Increasing Production Efficiency – data-driven insights into optimization, scrap reduction, and preventative maintenance are increasing the overall efficiency from producing these high-quality outcomes in plastic injection mold manufacturing.
  4. Reaction to Diversified Needs using Powerful Customizations – the more advanced the tools being utilized for production, the greater the capacity for smaller runs of customized molds. That means a more significant share of the target market can be serviced from a single company.

How Abery Grabbed the Chance to Catch These Market Trends

With the writing on the preverbal wall that the only way to thrive in the current marketplace is to adapt with advanced tools and services, a leading provider of plastic injection mold manufacturing, Abery, seized their chance to grow. Some of the methods used to secure this target market include:


  • Development of Multiple Services – Abery began offering one-stop solutions to all clients, including custom product design, injection mold making, prototyping, and plastic parts creation. These services earned a greater number of clients that wanted more tailor-made solutions to their product designs.
  • Built a Talented Team – Abery employs some of the best-skilled engineers, designers, molders, and industry experts to maintain and operate their fleet of plastic injection mold manufacturing equipment. This brain trust offers incredible service capabilities to any client seeking a mold solution.
  • Introduction of Advanced Machines – To meet the growing customer demand for customization, Abery invested in state-of-the-art equipment capable of a wide array of plastic mold injections from Bluetooth speakers to anything else a client requires.
  • Shortened Delivery Time – Abery also focused on increasing customers’ satisfaction with smooth and in-time injection molding service. This was accomplished by providing fast delivery of all requested materials, resulting in higher customer appreciation.


Client Reviews of Abery’s Products and Services

It is a French-based multinational company providing energy and automation to homes, buildings, data centers, and more. These services combine energy technology with real-time automation. Abery was able to help Schneider with 28 injection molds that are all made with the MOLD MASTER hot runner system. CUMSA special angle lifters were used for certain undercuts, and time constraints were met with a quick approval by Schneider, resulting in a highly satisfied customer and a short lead time.

It provides some of the world’s best-selling automobiles. At that time, their factory in India required new plastic injection mold manufacturing solutions for a ventilation system.  Abery met this demand by offering careful and accurate assembly of each component with a high tolerance of +/-0.02MM. This also included using raw materials made from Nylon GF that operate well in the high-temperature environment so close to the vehicle engine. The result was contributing to the overall function of a high-powered vehicle beloved by consumers everywhere.


Where to Get Started

Working with the expert plastic injection mold manufacturing team at Abery has never been easier. To get technical solutions, you can simply fill out the form on our company website or call our support team during regular operational hours. Our highly professional technical team is always ready to listen closely to the needs and designs of each client, resulting in excellent customer service and delivery times.


Top 3 Things You Need to Know About Custom Plastic Injection Molding

Do you ever wonder how the parts with irregular shapes are made and why they fit tightly? The answer turns out custom plastic injection molding, which boosts as the production process gets more precise. It is already applied in many fields, such as households, health machinery, automotive, electronics, and more.

The versatility of the custom plastic injection molding is what makes it so accessible and perfect for all kinds of different applications. And to make the most of it, you need a thorough introduction to custom plastic injection molding, which is where this article will help. The illustration falls on three aspects: importance, application, and production process.

Importance of Plastic Injection Molding

The importance of custom plastic injection molding is now higher than ever. One of the biggest drivers of the growth of this type of molding process is the versatility and the benefits that come with it.

  • Ability to Product Complex Geometry

Experienced plastic injection molding manufacturers can produce complex geometry that has no deviations. You will need advanced equipment and also a team of experts as well. It means that no matter what your needs are, a specific plastic mold can be designed, tested, and made at scale.

  • Durability and Strength

Custom plastic injection molding is more durable to withstand strain and abuse compared to molds from yesteryears. What’s more, the right material of the mold can be chosen from a wide range according to the needs and requirements.

  • Cost Savings

OEMs can reap the benefits of lower costs. That will increase their profit margin or offer their products at a lower price to the end customers. The process can be designed for DFM, which stands for Design for Manufacturability. The OEM and injection molding teams can work together to bring costs down overall.


Multiple Applications of Custom Plastic Injection Molds

As we mentioned a couple of times, there are many applications of plastic injection molds. Customer plastic injection molds can be used in industries like:

  • Electronics

The electronic industry can use plastic injection molds to design different sorts of custom electronic goods for the masses. From smartphones, gaming consoles to novelty gadgets, different critical components, and outer casings can be made from custom plastic injection molds.

  • Medical equipment

Since plastic injection molds can be used to manufacture any part and are accurate to within 0.0005 centimeters, they can be used in precise machines like medical equipment. The mold will be carefully designed to cater to the strict specifications that medical equipment often requires.

  • Automotive

The automotive industry is another area where it can be used. Making a durable and cost-effective mold for the mass production of automobile parts not only meets the need of vehicle production but also brings a large convenience to car repair.

With all the information above, the next thing you need to know is how a custom plastic mold is made.

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Process of Producing a Custom Plastic Mold

There is a step-by-step process to making plastic injection molding parts. And as with most things, it first starts with the design.

  1. Mold design

The mold design process is crucial——Here is where you hash out all the ideas and talk about the different needs for your project. A poor design can ruin your custom plastic injection molding project. And it will also cost more compared to a well-designed DFM design.

  1. Mold manufacture

After the design process, it is time to manufacture the mold, where the expertise of a molding supplier usually shows. There are mainly five steps to produce a mold:

  • CNC machining: In this procedure, the digital milling machine uses a rotating cylindrical tool to cut workpieces accurately, versatilely, and fast to get the desired shapes.
  • EDM machining: EDM machining stands for electro-discharge machining or spark-machining. In this process, a particular shape is obtained by using electrical discharges. This process is also called wire cutting.
  • Lathe Machining: Lathe machining is a precise machining procedure. It can perform operations like changing the surface roughness, weak resistance, visual properties, and chamfer the mold’s features.
  • Mold Fitting: This is one of the most critical processes of custom plastic injection molding. It requires expertise where mold pieces are put together to form a perfect shape or mold.
  • Mold Polishing: This technique helps increase the smoothness of the mold and makes the products easier to demold. That can be done by horning which is usually conducted by whetstone, sandpaper, polishing paste, and wool wheel.
  1. Mold Trials

The last stage in the custom plastic injection molding process is mold trials. You need to make sure that the mold you designed and manufactured works perfectly and as intended.

Without any trials, you might overlook critical and non-apparent design or manufacturing mistakes, which can be very costly down the line.

At Abery, we can design, produce, and examine products to provide the most suitable and cost-effective custom plastic injection molding for you.



With state-of-the-art machines and expertise, we at Abery, a professional plastic mold maker, provide tailored services for clients with various requirements. We offer not merely professional products but attentive service and fast delivery. So don’t hesitate to enjoy the custom injection molding service by contacting us! We are eagerly waiting to hear from you.


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