Precision Injection Molding vs. Mold: What’s the Difference?

With the advances in injection molding leaping ahead over the past few decades, there has been some growing confusion in consumers’ understanding of the primary differences between precision injection molding and ordinary mold manufacturers.

At its core, the argument comes down to the precise measurements and specifications of one need and how the other is a stage in a larger process. How you will differentiate between the two will most likely come down to the types of parts you require and your industry. For example, where the aerospace industry may need a highly formulated injection, a toy company may be okay with a standard mold. Either way, the process will determine the type of mold and material.

Digging a bit deeper will help you gain an understanding of what you should look for in a quality injection molding manufacturer for your business needs.

Getting the Details of Each Form

It helps to first define what each process is before going further. This way, the confusion is pushed out of the way, and further details can be explored so you can make a quality decision about which is right for you.

  • Precision Injection Molding – This is the process of plastic material being heated and solidified into a particular shape that a mold creates. This allows for more precise molded parts that can be calculated to such levels of accuracy needed in healthcare, engineering, automotive, aerospace, and research-based industries.
  • Precise Mold – This is a mold hollowed out from a block that sets the shape of the product being made. You see this step in the process used in many of the “how they were made” videos on YouTube as they are highly valuable for mass production of parts that need to be accurate.

However, it is essential to note that precise molds can be used in the precision injection molding process.

Mold as a Tool

When you think about precision injection molding, put it in the framework of a process and not a single option. The plastic injection molding factor relies on creating molds, no matter the product type. This is to ensure the crafted final product perfectly fits the precise measurements of the order, following a process like:

Step 1: Analyze the Design

Look at the CAD or drawing created by the client and begin to understand what types of molds will be needed to make the product parts.

Step 2: Make DFM Report

The Design for Manufacturability report includes the specific features of the product part and how it will be created according to the technology availability and measurement requirements.

Step 3: Make Moldflow Analysis

This involves simulating the flow of plastic that provides a sneak peek into how the material will fill the mold’s cavities and outlines any potential problem spots or challenges.

Step 4: Design Mold Drawing & Get Client Confirmation

Develop the final specifications of the precision mold that will be created and ensure the client is agreed to these final decisions.

Step 5: Make Molds

This is where precision injection molding and molds finally interact. Using the advanced technology in the industry, mold manufacturers form a mold based on the agreed-upon specifications that is then injected with plastic materials to create the product part.

The more precise this mold is, the better the part will fulfill the accuracy requirements of the client, regardless of industry.

Importance of Precision Injection Molding Manufacturer Selection

While the difference between precision injection molding and actual precision molds may seem like a small factor to some, you want to select a manufacturer that understands the difference. Finding a professional team with the resources and dedication to quality product outcomes is essential.

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