Plastic Injection Molded Parts Quality Control 100% Inspection

ABERY, a professional plastic injection molding company with rich experience, attaches great importance to quality control for injection molds and plastic molded parts.

The characteristics of precision injection molding is: the size of the injection molded parts with high precision, small tolerance.

precision injection molding
precision injection molding

To achieve the requirements of precision injection conditions must be met:

(1) the mold material is better, rigid, cavity dimension precision and template between positioning accuracy is higher, lower surface roughness.

(2) to adopt precision plastic molding machine.

(3) to adopt precision molding process.

(4) to choose suitable for precision injection molding process of the material. Commonly used precision molding materials have several: POM, POM = CF (carbon fiber), PNM = GF (glass fiber), PA \ FRPA66 (enhanced PA), PC, etc.

Precision injection process can ensure the size ,that molding is the important way to control the shrinkage of injection molded parts, including: thermal contraction, disguised contraction of molded parts, orientation and compressed contraction and elastic recovery.

Common injection molding features not high than precision injection molding, the size of injection molded parts are typically can be assembled into standard, requirements for the appearance of the injection molded parts is relatively high, if necessary, may use the second processing (oil, for example) to improve the appearance of defects. Ordinary injection molding don’t need to use special precision injection molding machine, also do not need to specially designated materials, general common thermoplastics can be used to production. So ordinary injection molding technology is widely used in modern plastic industry.

Precision injection molding process

In the process of precision injection molding, the raw material is pre- loaded into the box.
Automatic feeding (in the form of particles) to the injection molding machine hopper.
Melt the raw material in the barrel and inject the mold under high pressure.
The molten polymer is allowed to cool and solidify, and is removed from the mold.
If necessary, used water to clean, dry with a hair dryer. Then they are shipped for packing inspection.

Medical supplies and equipment for precision semiconductors as well as data storage, consumer electronics, medical and automotive industries in the production of precision injection molding of other high precision plastic parts.

Various tonnage of automatic precision injection molding machine (from 80 to 650 tons), our products meet the customer’s strict size, functional and aesthetic requirements.
We also provide medical products, the formation of non dust production plant, clean the packaging of various products, molding parts without pollution risk.

To buy a high precision injection molding machine, the impact of injection molding machine selection factors include the following:
1 die size (length * width * height), weight, special design
2 kinds of plastics (pure or many kinds of plastics)
3 injection product size (L, W, H, thickness), weight and so on.
4 molding requirements: such as quality conditions, production speed, etc….
According to the above information, you can choose the machine that suits you.
First, select the type of product and plastic material
Second, the mold can be placed on the machine, to determine the size of the tie, the height of the mold, the minimum size of the mold is appropriate.
Third, you can take out the product.
Switch trip is more than two times the height of the opening and closing of the product.
The jet’s journey is enough to spray the product.
Fourth, the clamping tonnage is determined by the plastic materials and products.
Fifth, the weight of the injection depends on the weight of the product and the mold cavity.
Sixth. Injection speed: thin-walled products always require high injection speed.

Compared with the traditional technology, Cn-moulding has higher precision injection molding and more perfect performance, which is often supplied to electronic information engineering, medical devices, packeging, cars, machinery, hardware, apparatus,timepiece industry, weapons and aerospace, etc. Therefore, it will become a revolution between parts molding and processing.